No, the woman who died at Gatwick did not have Ebola

Evan Bartlett@ev_bartlett
Monday 04 August 2014 10:00

A woman who died at Gatwick Airport after landing on a flight from Sierra Leone did not have the Ebola virus, medical experts have confirmed.

Fears had been aroused on Saturday when the woman died after vomiting and sweating profusely, but tests on her body showed she did not have the deadly virus.

Despite one or two panicky headlines, Dr Brian McCloskey, director of global public health at Public Health England, confirmed: "It was considered very unlikely to be a case of Ebola but testing was done as a precaution, and was negative."

The woman, believed to be in her early 70s, had started her journey in Sierra Leone, a country which is in a state of emergency after more than 200 deaths from the disease, and landed in the UK at 8.15am after a stopover in Gambia.

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