‘Committed’ eight-year-old walking a million steps in six weeks for charity

Lucas Fox has walked over 550,000 steps so far for Vasculitis UK (Michaela Fox)
Lucas Fox has walked over 550,000 steps so far for Vasculitis UK (Michaela Fox)

The mother of an eight-year-old boy on his way to walking a million steps for charity has said she is “completely amazed by his commitment”.

Lucas Fox is aiming to walk 280 miles – the distance from his home in Donaghadee, Northern Ireland to Cork in the Republic of Ireland – in around six weeks.

He is raising money for Vasculitis UK, inspired by his grandfather who suffers from the rare autoimmune disorder, which causes blood vessels to become inflamed and results in symptoms such as a high temperature, pain and tiredness.

Having started his challenge in late September, Lucas and his mother, Michaela Fox, are currently averaging over 20,000 steps on the days they choose to head out walking – with a current step count of more than 550,000.

Ms Fox, 42, said the idea arose after Lucas’ Cub Scout group had been discussing badges and mentioned fundraising.

Lucas has raised over \u00a3880 so far for charity (Michaela Fox)

“They do their own fundraiser, but (Lucas) came home and said: ‘Mummy, I want to do some fundraising,'” she told the PA news agency.

“His sister and him came up with the idea of doing it for Vasculitis UK because my Dad has vasculitis… I don’t know where the million steps came from, but it just kind of evolved.

“(I’m) completely amazed by his commitment.”

Ms Fox, a registered nurse, said the support from their local town has been “immense” and Lucas has raised over £880 on the GoFundMe so far, which his mother said they “never envisaged”.

“The support from our town has been immense… we’ve been overwhelmed,” she added.

People are actually asking us to put the routes (online) and they’re driving to find us to hand us cash.”

She said an anonymous donor even contacted their local shoe shop and bought Lucas a new pair of trainers.

He has taken every single bit of it in his stride.

Michaela Fox

“(I’m) so, so proud. Whenever we say: ‘Right, let’s go for a walk,’ he just goes: ‘OK, I’ll get my trainers.’ He hasn’t once said: ‘I can’t be bothered today,'” Ms Fox said.

“While we walk, Lucas loves to practice his times tables and spellings.

“He has taken every single bit of it in his stride.”

To donate to Lucas’ GoFundMe, go to:

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