‘We are not terrorists. We are like your children’: Crying Syrian girl sends message to Trump

The Daily Beast

Bana Alabed is just seven years old, and she has a powerful message to share with the world.

Bana became rather well known when she started tweeting from Aleppo, detailing the horrors of life for Syrians caught up in airstrikes during the ongoing civil war.

Bana escaped Aleppo in December last year.

In a Daily Beast video, Bana addresses Trump:

Donald Trump, my name is Bana Alabed, and I am seven years old from Aleppo, Syria. We are the children of Syria. We are not terrorists. We are like your children. Please help us to stop the war. The children deserve life.

We want to go to school, we want to go to play now. We can't go to school, we can't go to play because of the bombing. We are suffering from hunger, we are the children. The children deserve life. There is no food, no clean water, no hospitals, no schools. Please save us, to stop the war. 

She made another video addressing Trump last month:

Bana has also previously written to Theresa May:

And she's sent letters to Vladimir Putin and Bashar Al Assad, who are behind some of the most damaging airstrikes:

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