Man breaks coronavirus lockdown for 240-mile round trip to London to buy bread because it’s ‘£1 cheaper’

Police stopped and fined a father of two for breaking coronavirus lockdown laws to make a 240-mile round trip from Nottingham to London to "buy bread".

The reason? It was reportedly £1 cheaper in the UK’s capital city.

It sounds like the man couldn’t ~wheat~ for the price of bread to drop in his local area.

Reporting the news on Twitter, Leicestershire Roads Policing Unit wrote on Sunday:

The man received two fixed penalty notices – one for breaking lockdown laws and one for speeding. The first comes with a £60 fee, while the second will be decided by a court.

The response to the incident was mixed and people had a lot of thoughts:

The distance between Nottingham and London is around 120 miles.

Using a fuel calculator, indy100 confirmed the man would’ve had to have spent at least £33.80 just on petrol for the round trip.

If you add a £60 fine, that’s a lot of dough just for one loaf.

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