NYC to fight gun crime by putting up laminated signs saying: 'No guns'

NYC to fight gun crime by putting up laminated signs saying: 'No guns'
Most NYC hotels banning guns

New York City recently declared Times Square a 'gun free zone' and posted laminated signs around the neighborhood to enforce the rule, but people are less than impressed with the effort.

Earlier this year, the Supreme Court struck down a New York law that limited concealed carry outside of the home. As a result, Governor Kathy Hochul signed a bill that outlines 'sensitive' areas where firearm possession is prohibited.

This includes Times Square, one of the busiest areas of New York with an estimated 360,000 pedestrians passing through each day.

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On Wednesday, law enforcement agents put up the "gun free zone" signs to remind the public firearms may not be carried through the area, regardless of permit.

However, people on social media mocked the signage as an attempt to enforce the rule.

The signage is only temporary until the New York Police Department and state law makers figure out a more permanent way to inform visitors and residents about the rule

"While the Supreme Court decision may have opened an additional river feeding the sea of gun violence, we are doing everything we can to dam it and keep New York the safest big city in America," Mayor Eric Adams said in a press conference.

Other ares of the city deemed 'sensitive' under the law include schools, places of worship or religious observation, libraries, playgrounds, public parks, zoos, and more.

Residents can expect to see more temporary signage go up in other sensitive areas in the coming weeks.

But residents are clearly not confident the signage will stop a potential active shooter.

It is unclear what Mayor Adams or the NYPD plans to do going forward to ensure visitors do not carry firearms into sensitive locations.

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