Barack Obama surprised patients and staff at the Children's National Hospital in Washington D.C. on Wednesday, when he turned up wearing a Santa hat and delivering presents.

Footage shared on social media, shows the former president being greeted with great excitement, hugs, selfies and singing while he handed out jigsaw puzzles, remote-control cars and nail polish.

The hospital thanked the 44th president for his visit in a tweet and in reply he thanked them for humouring him and allowing him to be their Santa.

Reaction to his kind and heartwarming visit on social media has been that of overwhelming joy and adulation.

Meanwhile, the actual president, Donald Trump was presumably in the White House, ranting about defeating ISIS on Twitter, defending his charity which has been accused of corruption and bringing up Eric Schneiderman's history of sexual abuse.

He was also probably making plans for his two-week trip to his Mar-a-Lago clubhouse in South Florida where he will spend the entire Christmas period.

This was confirmed last week by the Federal Aviation Administration who stated that Trump would be in the property from December 21 to January 6 and informed pilots to avoid the area during that timeframe.

It has not been confirmed if he will be arriving on the 21st but if he does stay he will be his longest spell at the resort since he became president, eclipsing his 12-day visit last Christmas.

His reported departure date will coincide with the deadline for the government shutdown that he has threatened if Democrats refuse to fund his border wall.

This will reportedly be Trump's seventeenth visit to Mar-a-Lago since February 2017, where he usually enjoys a few rounds of golf and rubs shoulders with Florida's rich and privileged.

It's hardly surprising that these two presidents would find completely different and completely opposing ways to spend Christmas and this didn't escape the good folks of Twitter.

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