Old woman caught sneaking onto man's property to chop down Christmas lights with scissors

Old woman caught sneaking onto man's property to chop down Christmas lights with scissors

It's true that other people's Christmas decorations can be pretty annoying - especially if they involve lots of flashing lights, or loud music, or both.

However, no matter how annoying those decorations are, there aren't many among us who would take the matter into our own hands, and just chop them down with scissors, or vandalise them, risking electrocution, or getting in trouble with the police.

This old woman, however, did just that.

When 41-year-old dad Dan Hubbert from Hull was checking his CCTV, he was surprised to see an elderly looking woman shuffle onto his property in a big coat, and chop down his seasonal decorations.

Posting the video to Facebook, he wrote:

So it turns out some old gal doesn't like my Christmas lights... What should I do? Ring the old bill or let her go free?

In the strange video, an old woman can be seen hobbling onto his property, getting out some scissors, and chopping down the lights.

Speaking to the Hull Daily Mail about the strange occurrence, he said:

Everyone wants me to ring the police on her. She should pay for them. If it was youths, I would've been straight on the blower to the police but she's old.

It could have caused an electrical fault or even electrocuted herself. You can't start going across the road and chopping down lights. I think I will call 101 and get them to go and have a word.

He continued:

I'm not that bothered really. I'm trying to find the funny side. (My children) just think it's funny as well. It is quite funny to see her toddle along and cut them.

The identity of the mystery lights chopper hasn't yet been revealed, but the Hubbert said that if the old woman had simply talked to him about how annoying she found the lights, he would have taken them down without question.

However, no matter what your stance on vandalism (erm, that it's wrong?), it's hard to deny the video is pretty hilarious...

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