<p>Kaylee McKeown</p>

Kaylee McKeown


An Australian swimmer was understandably over the moon after she won a gold medal at the Olympics – and didn’t hold back describing her feelings.

Kaylee McKeown won gold in the women’s 100-metre backstroke and set an Olympic record in the process. She completed the distance in 57.47 seconds, taking gold over Canadian Kylie Masse and American Regan Smith.

And so when a reporter asked her how she felt about her win, and whether she had anything she wanted to say to her family, she replied “f**k yeah”, immediately followed by “oh s**t” when she realised she had sworn on live television. Twice.

After the reporter laughed and she covered her mouth with embarrassment, she recovered and put both thumbs up, shouting “woo!”.

And reacting to her outburst, which has gone viral on Twitter, some people thought her slip was hilarious and gave her their support:

Others, however, thought her language was inappropriate and expressed concern that children watching the Olympics would hear her swear:

She is not the only person to have a strong reaction to a win during this year’s games. Dean Boxall, Australian swimmer Ariarne Titmus’ coach, similarly went wild in the stands after Titmus won gold in the 400-metre freestyle event.

And the Olympics will continue until 8 August so we anticipate that other athletes and their coaches will soon display similar reactions too.

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