One of these men was voted the most honest person in the leaders' debate

Matthew Champion@matthewchampion
Saturday 04 April 2015 10:20

After Thursday night's leaders' debate, all the main parties claimed they had done really well and probably won.

For a change, the polls largely concurred and showed no clear winner, although interested parties didn't let that get in the way of a good front page.

A ComRes poll for ITV threw up some interesting results, however, when respondents were asked to say which leader they found the most honest, most understanding of their concerns, most capable of leading the country, and having the best ideas for Britain's future.

The winners for each question, complete with beautiful illustrations from Seth Watkins, are below:

Most honest

Nigel Farage (26 per cent)

Most understanding of your concerns

Ed Miliband (25 per cent)

Most capable of leading the country

David Cameron (40 per cent)

Having the best ideas for Britain's future

David Cameron (27 per cent)

Full results:

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