People are furiously debating whether it's 'anti-feminist' for men to open doors for women

People are furiously debating whether it's 'anti-feminist' for men to open doors for women

Is 'We Found Love' currently the biggest song in the world and Hugh Grant leading a surprise campaign against phone hacking?

No? So it’s not 2011?

Weird, because there’s currently a debate raging on social media that makes it feel like it.

It’s all about whether men can hold doors open for women.


It was kick-started by a now-suspended Twitter account, posting under the handle @unbiasedkatie.

“Dear Men,” ‘Katie’ wrote.

“Stop holding the door open for Women when entering a store.

"This implies that you are believe Women are incapable of doing things for themselves and that you view them as incompetent.

"This can be compared to to [buckling] the seat belt of a toddler/putting a leash on a dog”.

The account is suspected to be a troll – it’s posted inflammatory things before under the banner of being ‘uber woke’.

It’s a common tactic people have taken to using: posing as liberal young people online with marginalized identities (‘Katie’s Twitter header read ‘Feminist, JLGBT+, Ally against a Pride flag with all the colours) in order to discredit them by posting outlandish or unreasonably binary positions on very minor issues.

Nevertheless, people took the bait and began arguing about whether it was, in fact, feminist to let men open doors for women.

People made jokes.

Or wrote long explanations of why the act of opening the door for someone shouldn’t be gendered.

Opening doors, it was generally agreed, was “just good manners”.

While others questioned why everything “had to be gendered”.

It’s called "kindness”.

Well, at the least the internet was able to come together and agree on something.

Even if it was started with bad faith intentions.

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