Paris terror attacks: everything you need to know

Evan Bartlett@ev_bartlett
Tuesday 17 November 2015 15:30

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Belgian police have reportedly arrested two men suspected to have made the explosives strapped to the Paris suicide bombers and of having driven suspect Salah Abdeslam out of France following the attack on Friday night.

Here's where we stand now

  • Police have raided two hotel rooms and a possible "safe house" suspected to have been used by the attackers in the build-up to the events of Friday night. Among other things, they found syringes, pizza boxes and smartphones

  • In an impassioned speech to both houses of parliament on Monday, French president Francois Hollande insisted that his country will "destroy terrorism" and announced a raft of new security measures, including:

    • A state of emergency has been declared for the next three months

    • 5,000 extra police posts will be created in the next two years

    • The aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle will sail to the Mediterranean, to "triple" airstrike capacity over Syria and Iraq

  • 115,000 security personnel have also been mobilised across France since the attack

  • An international manhunt is still underway for Salah Abdeslam (pictured below), wanted in connection with the attacks. It is believed he was stopped at the French/Belgian border after the attacks but let go

Salah Abdeslam is still at large (Picture: Police handout)
  • French police made 20 arrests on Monday in connection with the attack

  • A rocket launcher was found in Lyon during raids on more than 150 homes

  • Two of the seven people arrested in Belgium over the weekend have been charged with leading a terrorist attack - the other five were released without charge. Authorities believe the attack may have been planned in Belgium - with a focus on the run-down Brussels neighbourhood of Molenbeek

  • An Isis propaganda video released on Monday praised the attacks and threatened to carry out another one on Washington, DC

What has the response from authorities been?

David Cameron and Vladimir Putin are reported to have spent more than an hour in talks on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Antalya, Turkey (Picture: Getty)
  • It was claimed on Monday that British security forces have thwarted seven terror attacks in the past six months

  • US secretary of state John Kerry labelled Isis a group of "psychopathic monsters"

  • While Barack Obama expressed his sympathies for France, US officials said there would be no major change in the country's strategy towards Isis

  • Jeremy Corbyn has warned against further airstrikes in Syria and Labour's shadow minister Diane Abbott said the party will only back them if there is a UN mandate

  • Theresa May, the home secretary, has told the British public to be "alert but not alarmed" as the country steps up its anti-terrorist security. Read the Independent's full guide to the security measures here

  • It is believed the Paris attacks could also lend more support to the government's proposed new surveillance bill

  • Bulgaria detained hundreds of people over the weekend who it claims entered the country illegally, with prime minister Boiko Borisov calling on Europe to re-consider its migration policies in the wake of the attack

  • Republican governors in Alabama and Michigan have signalled their intention to block Syrian refugees from entering their respective states

  • England fans are being encouraged to sing the French national anthem as a show of solidarity in the game against France at Wembley on Tuesday night, which will be guarded by armed police. Find the full lyrics here

Details about the attack and its immediate aftermath

  • 129 people have been confirmed dead and 332 injured, nearly 100 of them critically

  • In a statement on Saturday, Isis claimed responsibility for the attack

  • A state of emergency was called and the borders closed by president Francois Hollande in the immediate aftermath of the attack

  • Seven attackers died in the attack on Friday evening - six by their own suicide vests and another shot by police

  • Abdelhamid Abaaoud, a Belgian national thought to be fighting in Syria, has been labelled as the mastermind behind the attack

  • Two cars found abandoned in Paris, and believed to have been used in the attack, were hired in Belgium

  • Bavarian police said they arrested a Montenegrin man in a car packed with machine guns, grenades and explosives last Thursday - it is believed he had been heading to the French capital

  • Omar Ismail Mostefai, a French citizen, was the first attacker whose identity was confirmed over the weekend

Clockwise from bottom left: alleged ‘mastermind’, Abdelhamid Abaaoud; Bilal Hadfi; Ahmad al-Mohammad; Salah Abdeslam; Sami Amimour (Picture: Handout)

Here's everything we know about the Paris suspects so far

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