We've all been guilty of passing wind at work, but one man has found a way to turn himself into an internet star, while also paying the price for his fame.

A security guard who was working at a hospital in Florida has been fired because he was constantly recording his farts while on the job.

The man, who goes by the name of Paul Flart (possibly a reference to the movie Paul Blart: Mall Cop), had been filming selfie videos of himself letting rip while on shift since 25 March.

Paul uploaded them on to his Instagram account and he quickly became an online sensation accumulating more than 45,000 followers.

The videos are roughly all the same and feature Paul in his uniform in the hospital. They are only a few seconds long and never feature anyone else.

Most of the clips have been watched more than 1,000 times and Paul was heralded as a 'genius' and even began to deliver farts on special request.

He even dubbed himself 'The Fart Authority' and had a fancy logo created.

As he became a bigger and bigger celebrity online, the cost of fame came back to haunt him in a costly fashion.

On Thursday, Paul was unceremoniously fired from his job, not because of his flatulence but because of his constant phone use on the job.

Paul recorded the entire sacking on Instagram Live and it has since been uploaded to Vimeo.

The company that he worked for and the name of the hospital is yet to be disclosed, but according to the other voice in the above video, the security firm has a strict ban on phone use at work and recording in uniform on a client's property.

Paul does protest that he has never once shown the logo of the company or the name of the hospital in the clips, but it didn't prevent him from being dismissed.

However, despite losing his financial security Paul isn't going to shy away from the spotlight and is already planning his next steps.

Not only does he have a Patreon account, which fans can support him through, but he also has merchandise in the works.

Furthermore, he is anticipating becoming a viral star and taking the Paul Flart experience on the road. He told Vice:

We live in a society where this is the big popular thing right now, but next week, unless I'm doing more than keeping it going, it's going to be nothing.

We’re going to keep making content. We can do Paul Flart on vacation, you know, throw in like a Hawaiian shirt and a hat of some sort and then just fart around Florida. We’re just going to keep going.

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