Picture: Drew Angerer/Getty Images
Picture: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Pokémon Go has been widely praised for getting gamers off the sofa and out of the house.

So what does it actually do in terms of helping you lose weight?

Clinic Compare crunched some numbers and it turns out if you catch 100 a day, you'll shed a pound roughly every three or three and a half days, as you can see in the below chart by Statista:

This is my new fitness regimen. Yes, I know I need to get my act together.

If you jog at five miles per hour it'll take you five hours to lose a pound if you're a man, six if you're a woman.

However, you will also be jogging.

In terms of the average user, they'll play 43 minutes a day, walking, and catch roughly 22 pokémon.

This translates to losing a pound every 13.75 days if you're a man, 16.27 if you're a woman.

Which are all great numbers, but really, it's all about your in-game level.

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