People are mocking David Cameron over his Jeremy Corbyn 'national security threat' warning

The Tories haven't wasted any time in mounting attacks on Jeremy Corbyn, new leader of the Labour party.

As well as a scaremongering video, incendiary headlines in rightwing newspapers and posters, tweets sent from Conservative party accounts are trying to spread the word that Corbyn is Not A Good Thing for the country.

Because the best way to deal with a national security threat is obviously to, umm, ask people to retweet it.

Another tweet sent from the Prime Minister's official account on Sunday showed that the left-winger's victory really has ruffled feathers at Conservative HQ:

But in a glorious British tradition as old as our democracy itself, Britons wasted no time in taking the piss out of our dear leader.

Lots of people started tweeting pictures of themselves taking Cameron's advice literally.

Some pointed out that Corbyn - a teetotal, bike-riding, woolly jumper-wearing pacifist - probably wasn't that dangerous.

And some went for the jugular, asking the PM about his own safety credentials.

As well as his credentials in general.

It's almost as if Cameron didn't learn his lesson from phone-gate.

Twitter user Andy Martindale said it best:

H/T: Mashable

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