The Tories have released an 'attack video' of Jeremy Corbyn saying things out loud

Predictably, Jeremy Corbyn has faced immense pressure in his first 36 hours as Labour leader.

As well as a number of newspapers threatening "union chaos", Labour "civil war" and World War Three, the Conservatives have ramped up the attacks.

While Corbyn faced a backlash over the make-up of his new shadow cabinet (where all the top jobs have gone to men) on Monday morning, CCHQ released an "attack ad" video featuring clips of the Labour leader stating his beliefs out loud in public.

But using those clips with accompanying eery music and pictures of Bin Laden, Isis and all manner of horrible things has turned it into quite the horror movie:

The "threat to national security" line is one that was first trotted out by defence secretary Michael Fallon following Corbyn's victory on Saturday and followed up by most senior Tory MPs since.

On Sunday, the party's campaign headquarters also distributed a series of posters which portrayed not only Corbyn, but the Labour party in general, as a threat to the nation.

It's nice to know that our government's response to a "national security threat" is to take to Twitter and ask everyone to RT. Maybe a hashtag could be thrown in the mix too?

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