People are sharing images of what Jeremy Corbyn and David Cameron were up to in the 1980s

In what has been called a "political earthquake", left-wing MP Jeremy Corbyn has been elected as the new Labour leader.

With his salt-of-the-earth manner, socialist policies and long history of rebelling against the party line, he's seen as something of an antidote to the polished career politicians that seem to dominate in the "Westminster bubble".

Jeremy Corbyn outside parliament in 1984 (Picture: BBC/Screengrab)

Almost inevitably, people have sharing images of Corbyn being taken away by police at an anti-Apartheid protest in the 1980s and comparing them to those of David Cameron in his days as a member of the Bullingdon Club while at Oxford University.

Whatever your politics, you can certainly no longer complain that there's no choice between the parties.

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