People were asked to guess a virgin from a group of strangers. The results were unexpected

YouTube / WatchCut Video

Never judge someone by their appearance.

And if you're asked to try and guess who might be a virgin, know that you will fail miserably.

YouTube channel WatchCut Video were cruel enough to do just this.

Most people felt confident they could spot a virgin at the beginning of the video, but they certainly didn't finish that way.

Penis size preference came up a lot, along with cringe-worthy situations, testing dirty talk, dissecting online dating habits and deciding whether or not the stranger has a sexual look.

The video also reveals that at least one woman in the world calls her vagina the 'Bermuda Triangle'.

When they eventually found out who was a virgin, there was shock all round.

Picture:Picture: (YouTube / WatchCut Video )

Were your guesses mostly correct or were you just as bad as the rest of us?

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