People from ethnic minorities explain the everyday racism they face in the UK

As part of its new series Under the Skin, BBC3 has been exploring the issue of racism in modern day Britain.

Following its revealing documentary We Want Our Country Back about the far-right group Britain First, the series has released a video looking at "microaggressions" - everyday racism people in the country face that is often not called out.

Titled "The Things I Hear Every Day", the video sees different groups of people from ethnic minorities explain the things they often hear in Britain today - whether through malice or through ignorance.

"Why are you being a stereotypically, angry black woman?"


"She's Spanish, or she looks South American, she's definitely up for sex?

"Small penises"

"You're really articulate for a black person"

Watch the video below for more "microaggressions" and why the respondents think they are so problematic:

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