People in Brussels are sharing this image of a urinating statue to show what they think of terrorism


The Manneken Pis is a 60cm high bronze sculpture in Brussels which depicts a naked boy urinating into a fountain.

It was designed by the Flemish 17th Century artist Jerome Duquesnoy and is located a few streets away from the Brussels Town Hall and the Grand Place.

Manneken-Pis used to play an essential role in the city's water supply system, and was well-known throughout Europe. The statue has since become a Flemish icon.

Following the attacks in Brussels on Tuesday in which at least 30 people are reported to have died and dozens more have been injured in three explosions across the city, the statue has become a motif for cartoon responses to the attacks.

Some depict a sad Manneken

Some show defiance

Some have changed the word 'Pis' for 'Peace', for obvious reasons

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