People keep saying no women were on the streets of Turkey to oppose the coup. These photos prove them wrong

Oh, look. A woman!
Oh, look. A woman!

Amid the confusion over what exactly was going on in Turkey on Friday, a common question among many western observers on social media was "where are all the women"?

It's true that Turkey has become increasingly conservative, and that women's rights are being ever more suppressed, but to say that there were no women protesting - or celebrating - on the streets of Ankara and Istanbul is patently not true.

Journalist Carol Malouf pointed this out...

As did this person:


Picture: Rex


Picture: Reuters


Picture: Rex


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Picture: AFP

Malouf explained to indy100 that she believed there may be an Islamophobic motive to some people making the suggestion that women were not involved.

They want to make it seem like it's Islamic which is not true.

Secularists and conservative Muslims from all political parties all took to the streets protesting the coup.

Some people want to show it was its Islamic vs secular army, which is total bulls--t.

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