Snow in Dundee and Glasgow baffles onlookers
Snow in Dundee and Glasgow baffles onlookers

People in Scotland were left baffled when the sun, snow and hail combined briefly for a twist on an April shower.

A number of social media users shared pictures and video of the perplexing precipitation, with both humans and dogs caught unawares.

L, 27, from Glasgow – who did not want her name published – said it lasted for around five minutes before becoming warm and sunny again.

Snow falls in Glasgow in April 2021

“My mum and I were enjoying the sun, about to take our gram prosecco picture and then the hail-snow descended, then disappeared as quickly as it arrived,” L tweeted.

They told the PA news agency: “The texture of the snow was strange, very soft but took a while to melt, if that makes sense?

“Max is a puppy so I think he was slightly more confused than I was, but given how quickly it started and ended I was definitely close behind him!

“It wasn’t hail or snow, it was somewhere between the two.”

Meanwhile Geoff Barton, 60, professor of bioinformatics and head of computational biology at the University of Dundee was similarly shocked.

“Ok so we’ve had fabulous sunshine, then snow, then sunshine again. And now? Both together!” he tweeted.

“Until about 12:20 this morning the weather was bright sunshine with blue skies,” he told PA of the Dundee weather.

“Then we had a snow flurry and then more sunshine until we had this mix of snow and sun at around 15:10.”

Mr Barton said “it is pretty unusual here to get snow and sun, but of course rain and sun is much more common in the UK.

“Dundee rarely gets snow and the climate is similar to Cambridge if a degree or so colder on average.”

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