People think Ed Miliband would have made a better prime minister than Jeremy Corbyn

Bethan McKernan@mck_beth
Thursday 24 December 2015 13:40

Despite whispers of a coup within the party, several betting shops have now placed longer odds on Jeremy Corbyn being replaced as leader of the Labour party before the 2020 general election than after it.

But before Corbynistas breathe a sigh of relief, it appears the general populace are still not satisfied with Corbyn's first 100 days as leader of the opposition.

YouGov found that 40 per cent of poll respondents thought Ed Miliband would make a better prime minister than his successor, compared to 33 per cent who believed Corbyn would be better suited to the job.

Miliband resigned as party leader after Labour lost 48 seats in May's general election - which means the finding isn't exactly good news for the Labour party.

Even though the poll pleaded 'Who do you think is closer to your idea of a good prime minister? Please don't 'refuse' unless you really must', 26 per cent of respondents still said they couldn't possibly pick:

The poll also found 45 per cent of people thought Boris Johnson would be closer to their idea of a good PM than George Osborne, who was favoured by 32 per cent of respondents.

Twenty-three per cent of people refused to choose.

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