This is the one thing that's changed the most for Jeremy Corbyn since he became Labour leader

It has been 100 days since Jeremy Corbyn became leader of the Labour party.

Since then, there's been a great deal of change for Corbyn and his party.

PMQs has become an even more boisterous affair, with jeers and booing from the Tory backbench growing louder with every week.

He's instated the most left-leaning shadow government for decades, yet the thing one thing he says has changed the most is the intensity of scrutiny he faces every day.

In an interview with Huffington Post he said:

I’m under far more scrutiny than I’ve ever been in my life before. At one level, I feel irritated by it because nobody really likes it when you’re under scrutiny 24/7, but I’ve learned to live with that.

Last week the Daily Mail ran an in-depth and completely bizarre deconstruction of Corbyn's choice of Christmas card.

Its analysis found a tonne of "hidden meanings" including a "Maoist bicycle" and "a chilling reminder of the Winter of Discontent".

But, when it comes to the media, Corbyn still picks up the newspaper. He remarked:

When I was buying a paper just now, this guy said to me, ‘you don’t need to buy any of those, they’re all going to be attacking you’. So I said, ‘no, no, I’ve got no problems with the Irish Post or the Leinster Leader. Or the Morning Star.'

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