A Scottish café is using an image of popular cartoon character Peppa Pig to promote bacon sandwiches and it could traumatise children, according to some parents.

According to EdinburghLive, Gordon Street Coffee in Edinburgh sparked backlash over the chalk sign – which shows an outline of the pig, a plus sign, a slice of bread, an equals sign and a smiley face. (You can see a photo on EdinburghLive.)

“Even if you are not vegan or vegetarian that could be really upsetting,” one local parent told EdinburghLive. “My kids would be absolutely traumatized if they saw that sign, it’s really not funny.”

Online, one commenter called the sign “so insensitive,” according to The New York Post, while another wrote that it would “make a lot of children question food.”

Others, however, didn’t know what the fuss was about and thought it completely acceptable to sell a bacon sandwich of this nature.

One person said: “This sounds like my kind of place.”

Another claimed that they were a vegan but didn’t have an issue with the cartoon:

And another told parents to “lighten up”.

At least the cafe is being honest about how food is made.

indy100 has contacted the cafe for comment.

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