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Pete Buttigieg had a bizarre encounter with a woman at the Iowa State Fair on Monday, and unfortunately for him, things got pretty awkward.

The mayor of South Bend, Indiana, presidential candidate, and Democrat was campaigning at the Iowa State Fair on Tuesday when a woman approached him and said that she had met Kennedy in 1968, according to a tweet from a CNN producer.

Speaking to the mayor, she said:

I shook Robert Kennedy’s hand in 1968.

In response, Buttigieg said:

So you’re good luck?

However, the woman's response wasn't exactly what Buttigieg had bargained for. Replying, she said:

Not really— he was shot a month later.

Ouch. Well, that's pretty awkward, isn't it?

President Kennedy was assassinated in California in 1968, while seeking the Democratic nomination as president. His brother, president John F Kennedy, was also assassinated in 1963.

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