Eric Trump is angry because the media ‘won’t show’ his dad leading in a 'corn kernel' poll

Eric Trump is angry because the media ‘won’t show’ his dad leading in a 'corn kernel' poll

Eric Trump thinks it is “sick” that the media won’t cover his dad’s great polling numbers in the Iowa State Fair “corn kernel poll”.

During presidential campaign years, visitors to the Iowa State Fair are given the opportunity to vote for their favourite candidate by placing a corn kernel in a jar.

It provides an interesting, if incredibly unscientific, snapshot of how popular candidates are in an important state in the 2020 primary.

Both Republican and Democratic candidates were featured in the poll, although Trump only had to face one candidate – no-hoper Bill Weld.

Therefore, the majority of media coverage focused on the results from the competitive Democratic field, which showed Joe Biden in the lead (24 per cent), followed by Pete Buttigieg (16 per cent) and Elizabeth Warren (15 per cent).

But when Eric Trump appeared on Fox & Friends on Wednesday, he was shocked and frustrated that the media were not talking about his father’s success...

Eric said:

Why does the media hide that? Literally just Google it right now ‘corn kernel poll’, Google it! They only show the Democrats.

They won’t show Trump’s bowl which is overflowing. It’s sick that that has to be the narrative of this country and no-one can even talk about it.

It is true that Trump received a lot of corn kernels, as shown in this video (filmed, shockingly, by a member of the media).

However, Trump is a sitting president campaigning against only one Republican challenger, who has barely received any coverage or support.

Meanwhile, the Democratic candidates are battling in a field of more than 20 candidates – with at least five serious contenders (Biden, Sanders, Warren, Harris and Buttigieg).

If Trump didn’t easily win the Iowa corn kernel poll, he would be in serious trouble.

It’s also not weird for people not to care about the results of the poll, which is wildly unscientific – although it did successfully predict Trump’s nomination as the Republican candidate back in August 2015.

If you followed Eric's advice and searched "corn kernel poll" this morning, you would have seen news outlets covering the event as a novelty poll rather than serious research for the 2020 election.

But if you search for it now, you'll mainly see people roasting Eric Trump for complaining about it.

If you want to look at a more scientific measure of how popular Trump is, you can look at his approval rating - which is averaging at about 42 per cent (at the time of publishing).

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