The confusion over the Iowa caucus results for the Democrats has dominated the news in the past 48 hours.

We've seen everything from nearly every major candidate declare victory to an actual coin toss to decide who won certain votes.

However, the most shocking moment has to be a woman who asked for her vote to be returned after she discovered, right there and then, that Pete Buttigieg is gay and is married.

Footage which has been circulated online shows the woman, who is wearing an Amy Klobuchar badge but has decided to back Buttigieg instead, learn from the precinct captain for the Buttigieg campaign about the Democrat's sexuality.

The puzzled woman says:

Are you saying he has a same-sex partner? Are you kidding?

The captain who has been identified as Nikki van den Heever appears to be slightly taken aback by the woman's response but handles the situation calmly.

She replies:

He's married to him, yes.

The woman then makes an unabashed homophobic comment, declaring that she doesn't want 'anybody like that in the White House' and asks for her vote to be returned.

Well, I don't want anybody like that in the White House. So can I have my card back?

She then seems to insinuate that this information has never been made public before, which it definitely has. She then brings up the old adage of "what the Bible says."

Van den Heever, who also identifies herself as a Christian, asks the woman if it should matter who somebody is attracted to?

I guess I would just like you to dig deep inside and think, like — should it matter if it's a woman or if it's a man, or if they're heterosexual or homosexual, if you believe in what they say?

Those words didn't seem to resonate with the woman, who said:

It all just went right down the toilet, is where it all just went.

The clip then adds on some sage words from van den Heever.

I think we're just interpreting [the Bible] differently, and that's OK, because everybody gets to have their own beliefs. 

But what I teach my son is that love is love, and we're all human beings.

Whatever your political beliefs are it's still shocking to see open bigotry like this in 2020 and although there has been no further information on what happened after this video, it would appear that this woman's vote might have contributed to a Buttigieg victory in Iowa.

With only 71 per cent of the results confirmed Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders are ahead on the votes, with the former Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, slightly ahead.

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