US politics is pretty bizarre, isn’t it?

Not only is there a giant, misshapen KKK-sympathising tangerine living in the White House, but at every election there seems to be some fairly suspect stuff going on.

Whether it’s voting machines not working, or the deliberate disenfranchisement of millions of black voters, US democracy isn’t all that democratic after all.

Now, the Democratic caucus in Iowa has been plunged into controversy after the app (yup, an app) used to count votes resulted in “inconsistencies”.

But as we wait for vote tallies to come in, it looks like that’s not the only strange thing about the contest.

In an odd turn of events, some of the votes are being decided via coin toss.

That’s right. A coin toss.

In caucuses, each precinct has a certain number of delegates on offer. If there’s a tie, then the delegates can completely legally be decided via a coin toss.

This time around, we've seen a toss between Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren, and another between Sanders and Buttigieg.

It's fair to say that people weren’t impressed...

Shall we turn US democracy off and on again? It's not working.

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