Daily Mail columnist Peter Hitchens has been slammed for writing an article in which he appears to compare left-wing British people with the actual Taliban. Yes, really.

In his column, he slammed people for caring about Afghan refugees but not “deprived” British “young men” and said that Britain has “our own liberal Taliban”.

He wrote:

“Young men live under our own Taliban, the fierce stone-faced Left-wing doctrinaires who in the past 50 years have created huge zones of misery in what was once a pretty happy society.”

He then appeared to argue that women entering the workplace rather than being wholly responsible for childcare was... bad:

“Our liberal Taliban – who claim so much to worry about the fate of Afghan girls – drove millions of women out of homes where they would happily raise their own children if they could, to drudge all day in call centres and such places for a pittance that pays for the ropey ‘childcare’ they must then use,” he wrote.

“They destroyed lifelong marriage, depriving uncounted British boys of their fathers and dumping multitudes of children in ‘care homes’ whose very names are a mockery.”

Goodness. Hitchens added:

“Our liberal Taliban destroyed rigorous state education, depriving the British working class of skills and of ladders upwards into real careers.

Our liberal Taliban told the British people to be ashamed of their history, their freedom and their religion and gave them nothing to believe in instead.”

And reacting to his hot take, people were thoroughly baffled. Former Labour MP Anna Turley said:

While lawyer Jolyon Maugham said:

Other Twitter users were similarly appalled:

What a take.

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