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A suit company is going viral for its campaign featuring women dressed in suits, lounging around a swanky flat. Looking very powerful.

There are swanky leather sofas, city views and fur rugs.

But that’s not the extent of the photos. They also contain naked men lying around in the background, with their faces out of shot.

The range states on the website:

Take a browse through our new collection and it will soon become apparent: we specialize in suits, but we’re not dressing men.

Suistudio is an offshoot of the menswear brand Suitsupply, and offers a refreshing change to ad campaigns depicting women scantily clad while men show off the clothes.

Comments on their Instagram were divided.

Some say it's a stand against sexist advertising, while others say we shouldn't fight objectification of one gender with the objectification of another.

Picture: Instagram

Picture: Instagram

But, in a bit of a mysterious turn, Suistudio is an offshoot of the Dutch company Suit Supply, which came under fire in 2010 for a campaign that was branded sexist.

The photoshoot showed women with their skirts lifted up, or in sexually suggestive positions being dominated by men.

They were accused of the same with another shoot in 2016, but they strongly denied the accusations.

In a statement to the Huffington Post, the CEO of Suit Supply Fokke de Junge said:

The men in our toy boy campaign are depicted as play dolls for the women, we don’t see the men having the upper hand here.

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