Piers Morgan's attempt at criticising Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for working as a bartender badly backfired

Piers Morgan's attempt at criticising Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for working as a bartender badly backfired

Over the weekend you may have seen the super awkward footage of Ivanka Trump attempting to muscle in on a conversation between world leaders such as Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron at the G20.

Given that Ivanka only holds her position in the White House because her father just happens to be the president makes the clip all the more awkward as the 37-year-old clearly can't offer any informed insight to the conversation which also featured Justin Trudeau and IMF head Christine Lagarde.

The clip soon went viral and many people were happy to criticise Ivanka for even attempting to join in the conversation with one of the strongest critiques coming from Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who said that Ivanka's presence at the event in Japan 'hurt America's diplomatic standing.'

Given her status as the youngest woman to ever serve on Congress and her overall social media presence, Ocasio-Cortez's tweet attracted a lot of attention and unfortunately, for her, one of those replies came from British journalist and TV presenter, Piers Morgan who tried to take a pop at her by mentioning the 29-year-old's previous job as a bartender.

We're not quite sure what point Morgan is trying to make here as he seems to be alluding that holding a respectable job like a bartender is something that people should be embarrassed about.

This confusing statement from Morgan, completely backfired on the 54-year-old when Ocasio-Cortez came back with a pretty perfect reply.

She wasn't the only person to reply to Morgan, who was on the receiving end of zingers from the likes of Andrew Neil, Nish Kumar and the creator of The Wire, David Simon.

Morgan then got into a back and forth with the aforementioned Neil, who is honestly one of the last people we'd expect to defend Ocasio-Cortez.

We're starting to think that Morgan should start to look things up online before he tries to criticise someone.

Anyway, Ocasio-Cortez managed to put this whole thing to bed by posting an excellent thread about working as a bartender and the life lessons that it taught us.

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