Piers Morgan asked Labour's Owen Smith the most awkward question of his campaign so far

Picture: ITV/screengrab
Picture: ITV/screengrab

On Tuesday Angela Eagle's brief foray into the Labour leadership race ended with her bowing out, leaving the people of Britain scratching their heads in curiosity:

Who is Owen Smith?

Picture: Geogg Caddick/Getty

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid attempted to find out as the Labour leadership candidate appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain on Wednesday.

The interview was quite strange

Morgan dived into the questions, and asked Smith - whose career prior to politics had been in pharmaceuticals, most prominently Pfizer - if he had had to test all the products he worked with...

The question seemed innocent enough, but Smith's answer wasn't...

That’s for me and Mrs Smith to know about.

Picture: ITV/screengrab


One of the medications Pfizer specialises in is Viagra, so maybe Morgan's query hadn't been so innocent.

Smith all but skipped into Morgan's second question, which was if he had ever tested Viagra:

No I haven't actually. I haven't needed it.

Some people on Twitter were offended by Morgan's line of questioning...

But most people were stunned at the state of British politics...

It's safe to say Morgan succeeded where Smith has thus failed: people are definitely talking about him now.

Picture: ITV/screengrab

You can watch the interview, in which Owen also calls himself a Duracell bunny, below:

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