Greggs used to be a safe haven for meat-eaters in a fast-changing world.

They made sausage rolls and steak bakes, and if you were feeling fancy, a cheese and onion bake.

But even this national institution couldn’t ignore the future forever.

Greggs' announcement of its new vegan sausage roll yesterday was essentially our generation’s "Dylan goes electric" and it seriously divided the internet.

Most of the early reactions were positive.

Although, this is the only review that matters.

But the meat-eater backlash soon came in.

And look, it’s not like the backlash is completely anti-vegan – some people are just worried about the sanctity of the sausage roll.

Rules are rules.

It wasn’t long before Piers Morgan decided he also needed to comment on something that doesn’t affect him.

Fortunately, the Greggs social media team had been well-trained for this day and they were ready for him.

As was the rest of Twitter.

Congratulations to Piers for encouraging so many people to try veganism.

It seemed like he hadn’t calmed down this morning as well – when McDonalds announced its new vegetarian Happy Meal.

And for any meat-eaters who are worried the end is nigh, Greggs are reassuring people that the classic sausage roll isn't going anywhere.

HT: Twitter Moments

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