Piers Morgan says he'd change 'absolutely everything' about government's handling of coronavirus

Piers Morgan has slammed the UK government’s response to the global pandemic, saying he’d change “absolutely everything” about the way they’ve handled it all so far.

The Good Morning Britain host interviewed Dr Hilary Jones, who asked:

What would you have changed? If we didn’t have the testing, what would you have changed?

Morgan responded:

I would have changed absolutely everything.

Continuing his tirade, Morgan said he would make sure the UK had adequate tests, taken notes from South Korea and China and properly locked down airports.

When Dr Hilary asked if those measures would’ve sold the problem in care homes – where more than 10,000 people have died – Morgan responded:

Well, I certainly wouldn’t have allowed a single elderly person out of a hospital, who had Covid-19, without having a test.

Then Dr Hilary jumped back in:

But we didn’t have tests!

The response on social media to the segment had a small minority of people agreeing with the GMB host:

But many people condemned Morgan’s tirade for its negativity:

People also felt it was very easy to say what you would have done in hindsight…

The lack of testing has been a point of contention for the UK government since the start of the global pandemic.

The UK government has been accused of “misleading the public” over the number of people receiving tests. Health Secretary Matt Hancock strongly denies this.

At the time of writing, the UK has over 226,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 32,692 deaths.

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