James Blunt vs. Piers Morgan sparked the weirdest celebrity Twitter spat ever

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Piers Morgan and James Blunt have had an argument on Twitter.

Before we delve into this particular story we need to fill you in on the background.

On Friday there was an incident at Oxford Circus in the heart of London.

Thankfully it was a false alarm and nobody was seriously hurt - but Twitter was awash with rumours.

One of those came from pop star Olly Murs, who was shopping on the street at the time and reporting that he heard gunshots.

Fortunately, he was wrong.

Piers Morgan tweeted to him about his tweets.

To which Murs replied.

At this point, James Blunt stepped in to defend Murs and highlighted an allegation against Morgan during his time as editor of the Daily Mirror.

Morgan then attacked Blunt in his reply.

This is where things took an odd turn.

For some reason, Real Madrid and Germany footballer Toni Kroos liked Blunt's original tweet.

We're not sure what that says about Kroos or his music taste but seeing this really got Morgan's back up.

It all seemed to simmer down briefly and Morgan went back to tweeting about The Ashes.

The following day it reignited when former Arsenal, Man City, Liverpool, Celtic and Ivory Coast footballer Kolo Toure chimed in to defend Kroos in the most erudite of fashion.

Morgan had a response already lined up for the Ivorian defender.

It went back and forth like this for a while.

Until Morgan realised that he had been baited by a Kolo Toure parody account.

He then tried to repair the situation and even contacted Kolo's real brother, Yaya Toure to apologise.

Amazingly, if any good has come out of this it might be that Morgan briefly admitted that he might have been bad at something.

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