Piers Morgan cut off a Republican activist during a series of incendiary comments on Black Lives Matter.

The infamous television presenter, who in the past has been known for comparing non-binary people to elephants, talking over his guests and compulsivelyinsultingKim Kardashian West, pulled the plug on a heated debate between Republican religious activist Jesse Peterson and national treasure Trisha Goddard.

The two personalities were debating whether or not racism exists. Goddard states on numerous occasions that it does, citing the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) as proof.

Peterson responds:

The KKK was an evil organisation, just like Black Lives Matter.

Black Lives Matter is a far-left, liberal, radical, agitative organisations founded by a bunch of black lesbians, and homosexuals, and radicals.

They're no different than the KKK.

This is an unequivocally false statement.

Over the course of almost a century, the KKK initiated thousands of lynchings and public executions which claimed the innocent lives of thousands of black victims. Black Lives Matter activists, on the other hand, stage protests in response to violence and discrimination, and have been known to lose their lives in the process.

Morgan intercepted as Peterson's speech descended into homophobia - unsurprising given his track record on "evil" LGBT+ rights.

You’re now descending into extremely unpleasant and frankly vile rhetoric, and I don’t know why you think this is appropriate to say on national television.

What you just said was completely unacceptable.

With that, Peterson's microphone was promptly cut.

Despite being stripped of his official platform, he later took to Twitter to once again claim that racism doesn't exist.

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