Lawyer tells Piers Morgan what it's like to be stalked by Baby Reindeer's 'real-life Martha'

Lawyer tells Piers Morgan what it's like to be stalked by Baby Reindeer's 'real-life Martha'
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Piers Morgan Uncensored, TalkTV

An alleged victim of Baby Reindeer's Martha Scott (identified as Fiona Harvey) has called her a "dangerous woman."

Lawyer Laura Wray appeared on Piers Morgan Uncensored with claims she was the woman who offered Harvey her first trial run at her law firm in 1997.

Wray said that while she considers herself a "reasonably robust person" and someone who "appears in court all the time" – but this incident had her "very, very anxious and upset."

The lawyer recounted recent rumours that Harvey was looking to relocate to the Scottish village Buchlyvie.

"I'm extremely concerned that this woman not only is abusing me on the internet, on her Facebook pages and on every opportunity she can defeat me but she might also be moving close to where I live. I’m extremely concerned that this woman may be moving close to where I live," the widow of ex-Labour MP Jimmy Wray added.

She went on to allege several incidents over two weeks Harvey had worked at her law firm.

Wray claimed Harvey was "rude to staff" and "shouted at people."

"She was inappropriate with a male. She threw a book across the office, hit somebody with it. She tried to follow a male member of staff home. I was horrified. She just went completely crazy and started screaming at me, very similar to the scene in episode one of Richard Gadd’s show," Wray detailed.

“She’s A Dangerous Stalker” Fiona Harvey’s Alleged First Victim Speaks To Piers

Wray claimed the answerphone would be "full of messages all from her," which resulted in "grown adults in tears terrified that she was going to harm them." Subsequently, she issued staff panic alarms.

She let Harvey go from the law firm because of her alleged behaviour. Wray also suggested that Harvey was responsible for false allegations that she and her late husband had abused their son.

"That was the point in which I thought 'I can take no more of this,'" she told Morgan.

In Fiona Harvey's sit-down with Morgan, she denied being sacked by Wray's Glasgow law firm. She also denied that she had ever been to prison or that she had stalked writer and comedian Gadd.

Harvey said: "She headhunted me from another firm because she needed someone to do employment law and I’m pretty good at employment law."

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