12 things we learnt from the 'real Martha's' Piers Morgan Uncensored interview

12 things we learnt from the 'real Martha's' Piers Morgan Uncensored interview
'Get a job': 'Real' Martha sends message to Richard Gadd over Baby …
Piers Morgan Uncensored, TalkTV

The 'real Martha Scott' from Baby Reindeer appeared on Piers Morgan Uncensored on Thursday (9 May) to offer 'her side of the story'.

Morgan initially made the announcement on his social media channels, which were soon flooded with divisive comments regarding the guest appearance.

Some believed it to be "wrong and exploitative" to both Richard Gadd's trauma and the alleged stalker's mental well-being. Meanwhile, others said it was appropriate to allow her to share her alleged version of events, which Morgan acknowledged he'd never know the full truth about.

The woman was identified as Fiona Harvey, 58 – quickly noting she was a year younger than Morgan during the interview – as Morgan disclaimed Harvey gave permission to use her identity and was entitled to her right of reply.

Harvey said she felt "forced" into the limelight as the internet tracked her down and "sent her death threats." She said she appeared on Morgan's show as he is a "veteran broadcaster" and felt like Morgan would give her a "fair hearing."

Here are 12 things we learnt from the interview:

“Richard Gadd is PSYCHOTIC” Baby Reindeer’s ‘Real’ Martha Fiona

Harvey hasn't watched Baby Reindeer – and finds it "misogynistic"

When asked whether she had watched any of the Netflix hit, Harvey responded she hadn't.

She said it has taken over "enough of [her] life," and she finds the show "obscene," "horrifying" and "misogynistic."

She claims she has only met Richard Gadd "two or three times"

Harvey said she discovered Baby Reindeer was about her when she heard about Gadd's play around five years ago but was baffled, as she claims she had only met him less than a handful of times.

"I don't know him," she told Morgan, adding: "I probably should have possibly injuncted at that stage."

Gadd 'never offered Harvey a cup of tea': 'Nobody gets anything for free at the Hawley Arms'

Harvey claimed the alleged ordeal never started over a free cup of tea as depicted in Baby Reindeer.

"[Gadd] didn't offer me a cup of tea, nobody gets anything for free in the Hawley Arms," she told Morgan.

She claimed she was visiting the pub for a meal and "a drink of lemonade."

"I was very, very hungry," she added. "I'm diabetic so very hungry."

Harvey claimed Gadd interrupted a conversation between her and another barman, which she called "rude."

"He seemed to be obsessed with me from that moment onwards," she alleged.

Harvey said her owning a toy reindeer as a child is true

"I had a toy reindeer, and he shaved his head, that bit is true," she told Morgan. "And there were reindeers in the shops – it was Christmas time or something."

She went on to say the reindeer comments were intended to be a "joke".

41,000 emails, 350 voice messages, 744 tweets, 48 Facebook messages, 106 letters?

Claims suggest that the 'real Martha,' who Harvey claims to be, bombarded Gadd with an overwhelming amount of messages and voicemails.

"That's simply not true," Harvey hit back, despite Netflix saying the details are "the real ones," according to Morgan.

"If somebody was sending someone 41,000 emails a day, how many would they be sending a day? Lots," Harvey said.

"Absolutely not, none of that's true," she claimed, alleging: "I don't think I sent him anything."

She added that there may have been "a few emails," that were simply "jokey banter emails."

Morgan highlighted that there were tweets online, to which Harvey claimed there were only 14-18 tweets because they "were all friends."

She later rectified her comments saying there was "one letter" after seeing Gadd's interview in a newspaper where he opened up about his abuse.

When quizzed on how Netflix had that information, Harvey claimed Gadd "probably made it up himself."

Morgan pressed Harvey on whether she'd be happy for someone to check her computer, to which she said: "Yeah, yeah. I mean, I, you know, yeah."

Harvey doesn't understand the 'sent from my iPhone' reference

Morgan brought up the infamous 'sent from my iPhone reference' from Baby Reindeer.

"I don't really understand that," Harvey said. "I'm not technology wizz kid of the year. I wasn't doing that either."

Harvey doubles down on Netflix and Richard Gadd 'lying'

Morgan highlighted that accusing people of lying is "pretty defamatory."

"When you make such an emphatic denial of the central point of the story, you're basically accusing both him but also Netflix of lying about it," he said.

Harvey responded: "I am... It's not defamatory if it's true."

She's prepared to go to court because she 'didn't write him the emails'

Morgan highlighted how easy it would be for authorities to track down the alleged emails and communications if the matter goes to court.

When asked whether she'd be prepared to do that, Harvey said: "Yes, because I didn't write him the emails."

Morgan asked who she thought sent the emails, to which she claimed Gadd "probably made them up himself."

She also said she would "like to see Netflix's evidence for that."

The jail scene is 'completely false'

When Morgan played Baby Reindeer's jail scene, Harvey rolled her eyes during the snippet.

The journalist said the actress resembled Harvey, to which she hit back: "Do you think so? That's hardly flattering."

She later claimed she had never been to jail or been charged with a criminal offence.

"That's completely false, and I don't think the actress sounds like me," she added.

Harvey claims she only knew Gadd for 'two or three months': 'He only worked on certain days'

After saying she got the impression Gadd was "all out for himself" and "wanted to control that bar," she claimed to Morgan she had only known him for "two or three months at maximum."

"I should've never gone in that bar," she laughed.

"He only worked there on certain days," she continued.

Harvey had 'six email addresses' at one point

She admitted to having four to six email addresses at one point: "It's easier. Some for utilities, some for your close friends whatever."

Morgan suggested that was "a lot" and that he didn't know many people with several email addresses.

"Is it?" Harvey quipped. "Well, you don't know many people then."

She also confessed to having four phones: "I like keeping people on separate phones as well. Maybe that makes me a maniac or a stalker or something, but if you've got somebody on about your electricity bill or somebody on about some work or something, it's nice to keep it separate."

Gadd allegedly asked Harvey to 'sleep with him' to which she declined

Harvey said she was never in love with Gadd, but claimed he asked her to sleep with him when he had "a big green spot on his face," to which she allegedly responded: "No, I'm sorry. I'm not interested."

Indy100 reached out to Richard Gadd's representative and Netflix for comment

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