Question Time audience member calls out Piers Morgan's hypocrisy over Trump

Question Time audience member calls out Piers Morgan's hypocrisy over Trump

In the wake Donald Trump’s state visit this week, Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan made his 24th appearance on Question Time.

The presenter, fresh from his exclusive chat with the US president, aired his thoughts on Brexit – and didn’t hold back when challenging Anneliese Dodds MP about Labour’s stance.

But the memory of Mr Morgan’s recent interview prompted one audience member to point out the obvious.

I just think it’s a bit outrageous, Piers, that you’re turning on somebody for changing their mind when you’re happy for Donald Trump to change his mind in 30 seconds.

Mr Morgan was left grinning sheepishly, without words for the first time in the hour-long show.

The cutting remark was made after the presenter laid into Labour's position on Brexit, saying:

What is Labour’s position? Because it seems to change every week.

Jeremy Corbyn looked me in the eye and said there would never be a second referendum, your last manifesto promised to deliver Brexit.

Nothing you’ve done since shows anybody in this country that as a party you have any will to deliver Brexit.

In recent weeks, the Labour Party has moved towards backing another public vote on any Brexit deal, after campaigning for a softer exit from the EU since 2016.

Many in the party now believe that another vote is the only way to break the parliamentary deadlock and satisfy the electorate.

Some other audience members were similarly riled by Mr Morgan's remarks, with one man arguing heavily for a second referendum.

One Twitter user pointed out a further discrepancy highlighted by Mr Morgan's Trump interview.

While another was just worried for the presenter's health.

However, none were as incensed as this primary school.

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