While Piers Morgan has been pretty tied up of late fretting over an "LGBT" sandwich, he's thankfully now moved onto pastures new in the search for TV ratings.

After years of the presenter slamming feminists and trolling women's rights activists live on morning television, a hero named Stephan, armed with a childbirth simulator, gave us the catharsis we all needed.

To the sound of a somewhat gleeful Susanna Reid saying "let's crank it up", Piers Morgan was hooked up to the simulator in an attempt to show him the pain of childbirth.

While undoubtedly not even close to what women experience during labour, the viewing experience was nothing if not satisfying.

The TENS machine - which uses electrical current primarily to provide pain relief to mothers in labour - had the presenter wincing as it was dialled up to 20 to begin with.

His co-presenter asserted that 20 is equal to a level of pain women experience before hospital becomes an option.

By the time the machine reached 50, the Morgan was experiencing something akin to the pain of a contraction and was up on his feet making a series of fairly unforgettable facial expressions.

Sadly, Mr Morgan was only able to hack about five minutes.

He demurred:

"I will never joke about childbirth again. It was utter agony."

However, some found Morgan's self-congratulatory display more than a little ridiculous.

While Piers Morgan patting himself on the back for acknowledging a universally accepted fact feels rather grinding, at least the footage is gold.

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