Police were called to remove a squirrel from a house. They didn't expect this

Squirrels are thought to be wholesome friendly critters that you see collecting food in parks and forests.

The last thing that people would expect is one of the little mammals leaping into a full-on attack.

But that's exactly what happened to a couple of police officers in Brockport, New York who had been called to a home that was being ransacked by a rogue squirrel.

According to a post on the Brockport Police Department Facebook page, said squirrel had broken into the house and was eating all the cookies in the kitchen.

When the two officers entered the property they could not have prepared for the scene or the response that greeted them.

Fortunately, the Facebook post informs us that the squirrel was released back into the wild unharmed, much to the relief of the homeowners it had traumatised.

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