How posh are you? Take the quiz

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What are the hallmarks of class? What makes you posh?

Tatler thinks the answer can be found in your Smeg fridge, and we wouldn't want to argue with them.

So what do studies say?

Last year, a major survey found that the notion that most people are middle class, was dead.

The British Social Attitudes survey by NatCen Social Research found that people broadly believe that the gulf between classes is larger and that social mobility is more difficult today than in the past.

We thought we'd have a stab at classing you (excuse the pun) using survey data in order to do so.

Take the quiz, below:

Last year, seventy-three per cent of people said it was fairly or very difficult to move between classes, and 40 per cent said they were middle class - the same levels as in 1983.

Sixty per cent described themselves as working class, as well as half of people in professional and managerial occupations.

How did we do? Let us know in the comments.

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