Moment Poundland worker karate kicks suspected shoplifter after throwing him out of the store

Moment Poundland worker karate kicks suspected shoplifter after throwing him out of the store

This is the moment a suspected shoplifter was dramatically thrown out of a Poundland store with his backside exposed before being karate-kicked by an employee.

The incident, which took place in Sheffield, was caught on camera, with the footage – and the energetic commentary provided alongside it – promptly going viral.

At the start of the clip, the alleged thief is seen being pulled to the floor of the store by a member of staff in one of the aisles, where he appears to be surrounded by Jaffa Cakes. The person behind the camera is heard saying: “It’s kicking off.”

Another employee, who appears to have one arm, then grabs the suspected thief and forcefully drags him outside the store, causing his grey tracksuit bottoms to slip down and reveal his bottom. He also loses a trainer in the process.

The man remains outside the shop and, after a brief exchange, appears to try and hit the shop worker.

But the employee – who has “here to help” printed on the back of his uniform – clearly isn’t ready to give up and swiftly karate kicks him. He then puts him in a headlock and yanks him to the ground.

The person filming the incident then shouts: “Gone!”

The employee karate kicked the suspected shoplifter outside the store in Sheffield UKNIP

Some called for the man to be given “employee of the year”, with others saying he deserved a promotion.

One wrote on social media: “Well done that shop assistant!”

While another said: “That Poundland employee really wasn’t having it and I respect it.”

Someone else joked: “Fam the most committed I’ve ever seen Poundland staff.”

A Poundland spokesperson said: “We know our colleagues face difficulties every day dealing with shoplifters.

“We’re pleased that this specific incident is now in the hands of the police.

“We’re sure they’re the right people to deal with this based on all the circumstances.”

A South Yorkshire Police spokesperson said officers were called to the store at around 2pm on Tuesday after reports of theft, disorder and threats being made towards staff.

A 35-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of theft and assault and has since been released under investigation.

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