The White House disclosed its wealth. Trump didn't.

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On Friday, the Trump administration disclosed the wealth and assets of top officials, such as the members of the president’s cabinet and the chief advisors of his inner circle.

The data was compiled by the New York Times, which found at least 23 millionaires sitting at the top table.

Bloomberg previously estimated $12 billion in assets were at the upper reaches of the administration.

Education secretary Betsy DeVos topped the list, with a ‘bottom estimate’ of $580 million. DeVos’ appointment was fought by teachers and Democrats fiercely, in part on grounds that her assets would create conflicts of interest with her role at the Department of Education.

DeVos was eventually confirmed in the US Senate by an unprecedented tie-breaking vote from Vice President Mike Pence.

Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law was the sub-cabinet appointee in this disclosure list with the highest asset wealth (an estimated $241 million).

Yet one official is conspicuous by their absence from these figures.

President Donald Trump.

In mid-March two pages of the president’s tax return forms (known as a ‘1040’) from 2005 were leaked online, showing an income of $150 million that year.

Throughout the election and since taking office the president has refused to publish his tax returns, or make the real value of his wealth known to the public.

Cabinet officials and presidential appointees routinely file financial disclosure forms, in order to prove they have not profited from office.

Donald Trump’s heirs are now nominally in command of the Trump empire.

Ivanka, Trump's daughter and wife of Senior Advisor Jared Kusher, was recently given an office within walking distance of the Oval Office.

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