Protesters gave Betsy Devos a Cersei Lannister shame parade

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DeVos a donor to the Republican Party, was confirmed as secretary of education by the Senate on Tuesday.

Teacher's unions, education experts, and Senators, have questioned DeVos' suitability for the job given her lack of experience in the education sector.

Her nomination for the position was so contentious that it went down to the wire.

Two Republican Senators voted with the Democrats against her confirmation, creating a 50/50 tie.

According to the US constitution, ties in the Senate are broken by the presiding officer, who is also the Vice President.

Vice President Mike Pence has therefore already made history, as the first Vice President to ever use their tie breaking vote to nominate a cabinet nominee.

Groups who opposed her confirmation have remained fervently opposed to the secretary.

They first came to a head on Friday, when DeVos attempted to make her first visit to a school as education secretary.

DeVos was met by a protestor outside of Jefferson Middle School Academy.

Video released by ABC shows the protestor blocking DeVos, who then returns to her car.

The protestor repeatedly cried 'shame', leading Vice to compare the incident to the walk of atonement performed by Cersei Lannister in season five of Game of Thrones.

Picture: Picture: SmaugTheMighty/YouTube

Watch the full video, below:

At first the protestors were able to prevent DeVos from entering the school, but she ultimately managed to enter the building for the event.

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