Homophobe gets taken down for comparing Pride Month to Nazi Germany

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June is Pride month, which means it's dedicated to celebrating the LGBT+ community and fighting for equality.

However, sadly enough, Pride month often brings a whole host of homophobes out of the woodwork, many of whom moan that the celebrations aren't necessary, even calling for a 'Straight Pride' event this year.

A prime example of this comes from a guy who goes by the name 'Gift from God' on Twitter.

Taking to the social media site and sharing one of the worst takes ever, Upworthy reports that he wrote:

Being a heterosexual during #PrideMonth is like being a Jew back in nazi Germany

After he shared the tweet, he then made his profile private. However, he made it private just a little bit too late.

Taking to Reddit, a Redditor who goes by the name 'GayDolphS**lter' wrote perhaps one of the best clap backs we've ever seen.

In the post, he said:

It's true. A sympathetic gay couple have sheltered me in their attic for the last 5 days. The gaystapo came yesterday and interrogated my benefactors, but they didn't search the house. At least not this time.

I'm putting them in terrible danger, but I don't know what else to do. I know what happens to those who protect breeders. They know it too. How long will the be willing to risk their lives for me? I trust them; I have to. What happens when the closet police come back, though? What happens when they are forced to choose between their safety and mine? I pray it doesn't come to that.

A crowd was marching in the street today. I could hear then chanting "YASS QUEEN, YASS QUEEN" through the walls of my hiding place. I can't tell if it's the stomp of their thigh high boots or my own shaking, but it feels like an earthquake. An earthquake inside my own head... my god, there's so many of them. I need to stay positive, but I can feel the spidery thread of hope slipping through my fingers.

Why didn't I listen after homonacht? I could have left. There was still time, but I didn't listen. There's no escape now; only hiding. Hiding and waiting for Pride Month to be over.

We have to say, as far as clap backs go, that's a true 10 out of 10.

Perhaps, even, on a level with Nancy Pelosi's now infamous clap back at president Donald Trump.

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