Prince Charles joined a dance party in Ghana and everyone is making the same joke

Chris Jackson/Getty Images and Twitter

The Prince of Wales has been captured dancing at a party in Ghana.

The royal was given a Ghanian percussion instrument called a calabash and encouraged to play in a local band among a flurry of traditional dancers in Accra.

Charles and Camilla were given a tour of Osu Castle, which used to be a seat of government and has since been changed into a museum, TheTelegraphreports.

Invited to dance, he jovially bobbed along.

Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn and now… Prince Charles?

All these famous dancing Brits have people feeling a type of way…

And many couldn't help mentioning a certain prime minister...

The dancing was a light moment, as the royal couple spent the day visiting the castle, where the prince was told about its dark history. Built in 1661, the castle used to be the headquarters of British government in the colonial era and processed more than a million slaves under Danish rule.

They went on to visit Jamestown, where they were introduced to a centre for youth culture, music, art and heritage.

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