Pro-Trump Sky News presenter fired for saying Chinese people are 'yellow-skinned' and 'slanty-eyed'


A Trump-supporting television host from Australia was fired from Sky News after making racist comments live on air.

Ross Cameron, the former host of Sky News Australia's Outsiders, made anti-Chinese comments about tourists visiting Shanghai's Disneyland.

He said:

If you go to the Disneyland in Shanghai, on any typical morning of the week, you'll see 20,000 black-haired, slanty-eyed, yellow-skinned Chinese desperate to get into Disneyland

We would show you the clip, but all versions of the original broadcast have since been deleted from all of Sky News’s platforms. However, an audio clip was published by the Daily Mail.

Sky News chief executive Paul Whittaker released a statement regarding the incident. It read:

Sky News is committed to robust discussion and debate, however, this language is totally unacceptable and has no place on any of our platforms, nor in modern Australian society

We apologise for any hurt or offence caused by the remarks made by Ross Cameron on the program

Cameron has been a staunch Trump supporter, even wearing a MAGA hat. He once called Trump’s lewd comments about women, which appeared to describe sexual assault, a “victory”.

H/T: Newsweek

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