Priti Patel celebrated England’s Euro 2020 win against Denmark and everyone had the same response

Priti Patel may want to brand herself as the It’s Coming Home Secretary, after praising England’s victory over Denmark in the Euros yesterday, but people have described her post on Twitter as “embarrassing” – given she previously criticised the team for “gesture politics” over taking the knee.

The anti-racist gesture was widely used last year during global Black Lives Matter protests, and has since been performed by the England squad ahead of their Euro 2020 matches.

However, in an interview with GB News last month, Patel said she didn’t support “people participating in that type of gesture politics” and dodged a question on whether she would boo the Three Lions, as some ‘fans’ of the sides have done when they’ve taken the knee.

“That’s a choice for them, quite frankly,” she said.

However, the home secretary appeared to change her stance when she took to Twitter to celebrate England’s 2-1 win against Denmark in the semi- finals, posting two fetching photos of herself in and England top, that didn’t look like a PR stunt at all:

People perceived her as a bit disingenuous given her previous comments and decided to let her know:

It is not the first time Patel has suffered the mirth of Twitter for celebrating the footie.

After England won their quarter-final game against Ukraine, she tweeted: “What a performance. What a team. It’s coming home.”

And people immediately called her out then, too:

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also been mocked for his support, which some believe is far from natural and genuine. At the game on Wednesday, he wore a football shirt on top of a shirt and tie, which people found hilarious.

Patel is likely to face more criticism if she continues to tweet ahead of the final, in which England will face Italy on Sunday.

Ironically, for a government minister responsible for the rule of law, when it comes to her support for the England team, people are questioning her conviction.

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