Priti Patel labelled a 'hypocrite' for her comments on Wiley's antisemitic social media posts

Priti Patel has been accused of double standards and hypocrisy after calling out Twitter and Instagram for not removing Wiley's antisemitic posts quickly enough.

The home secretary tweeted about the posts on Sunday, saying they were "abhorrent" and suggesting that Twitter and Instagram should have taken them down sooner, asking for a "full explanation".

Housing Minister Robert Jenrick also addressed the issue, saying he was "appalled to see Wiley's antisemitic rant on social media".

Wiley's posts, which included antisemitic conspiracy theories and insults towards Jewish people, have been rightly condemned by both sides of the political spectrum, and are now being investigated by the Metropolitan police.

Twitter and Instagram have faced backlash for not acting sooner to remove the posts, with high profile politicians and media personalities planning a 48-hour boycott of Twitter as a result.

While most people agreed that this type of hate speech towards minority groups is unacceptable, many pointed out that the Tories don't seem to condemn racism in the same way in different circumstances.

Lots of people gave examples of famous personalities who have tweeted abhorrent things and faced little to no backlash from the Conservative party or government.

Not to mention the comments made by the prime minister himself (in case you missed it, here's a list of the most racist for you).

It's worth noting that most people frustrated at Patel aren't exactly saying she shouldn't have called out Twitter and Instagram, or disagreeing with her statement that the antisemitism is indeed abhorrent, they're simply pointing out that it doesn't seem to be a consistent stance.

Since Wiley's outburst on Friday and Saturday, his Twitter and Instagram accounts have been temporarily blocked and he has been dropped by his management.

There are also calls for his MBE, which he received in 2018 for services to music, be revoked.

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